MSP and CSD Beta Certification Exams

We work hard to ensure our accredited exams are technically accurate and relevant to practical workplace safety situations, and beta exams are a critical part of our development and maintenance process. When you take an exam in its beta form, your results provide useful information to evaluate the quality of the exam and its questions.

Beta exams are new versions of the MSP and CSD certification exams that are opened to a smaller audience before being available to the general public. The MSP and CSD beta exams will include new and revised exam questions to gather performance stats for new examination forms. The exams will include 25 additional questions that will not affect your score. Thirty minutes of additional testing time is included to account for these questions. We analyze the performance of those questions and use the statistics to create the new final exams.


Why Should You Consider Taking the MSP or CSD Beta Exam?

  • Be among the world’s first 200 participants to access the new or refreshed exam content.
  • Receive over a 50% discount off the retail price of the regular certification exam.
  • Experience the same exam registration and delivery platform as the regular certification exam.
  • Receive all certification benefits by passing a beta exam.

How Do I Qualify for the MSP or CSD Beta Exams?

To qualify for the MSP and CSD Beta Exams, you must meet the same requirements as traditional MSP and CSD applicants. This requires that your current role has at least 50% of its responsibilities dedicated to workplace safety and that you fall within one of the four tracks for either exam. Each track offers a different combination of education, experience, and qualifying credentials.

Are you Ready to Get Started?

Follow the buttons below to review the exam eligibility tracks, learn more about the pricing and examination testing windows, and apply! Act quickly; we are only accepting 100 individuals for each exam! We look forward to reviewing your application.

MSP and CSD beta exam applications must be submitted and approved for eligibility. Upon approval, the exam must be scheduled during the testing window of November 1, 2023, through January 31, 2024.



*Please note that if you do not wish to sit for the beta exams, you may apply for the traditional exams upon approval of eligibility. Click here to be taken to the Certification Overview landing page.

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